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Maintenance inside your home

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It is recommended homeowners photocopy these pages for re‐use. The frequency of inspection stated is a minimum and should be increased should conditions warrant.

Item to Inspect Inspection Frequency Inspect for
Roofing Monthly
Spring and Fall

A cursory monthly check is intended to spot physical damage or drainage problems.This check is purely a visual inspection for damaged or missing shingles/tiles or flashing. Have a contractor remove debris (leaves, twigs etc.). Failure to maintain the roof may void the warranty.

Flashing Semi‐Annually
Spring and Fall
Physical Damage. Look for flashing which may have been damaged or bent by gardeners, window cleaners or other operations around your home, Roof flashing should be inspected when the roof drainage is being checked. Damaged flashings must be repaired or replaced a necessary or warranty may be voided.
Decks and Deck Drains Monthly Drain blockage, or physical damage. Individual deck drains should be checked frequently during the rainy season and when debris is most prevalent in the fall. Check the deck membrane for cracks, splits or other damage when cleaning.
Sealants and Caulking Semi‐Annually
Spring and Fall

Look for damage or obvious sealant failure when cleaning windows or decks.

Sealant which is cracked, split, de‐bonded, discolored, is peeling, or is otherwise different in appearance from when it was installed should be replaced.

Check sealant condition around masonry, stucco and flashing saddle connections. Check also around windows, doors, sliding patio doors and any wall penetrations.

If any abnormalities are noted, caulking must be replaced. Use only approved caulking products.

Paint Semi‐Annually
Spring and Fall

Painted areas on your house protect wood and other materials from damage and wear from the effects of water and weather.

Observe condition of paint when cleaning windows or decks. Look for peeling, blistering, chalking or fading paint.

If any painted components of your home show any signs of being diminished those areas should be cleaned, repaired or repainted as necessary.

Vents Semi‐Annually
Spring and Fall

Regular cleaning of dryer lint screen will reduce the necessity to clean the exterior vent covers.

Dirty or blocked exterior covers can lead to moisture accumulation in the vent pipe and cause leakage and deterioration.

Check any screens or grilles in front of vents to ensure birds or small animals cannot enter the building.

Check vent covers regularly.
Landscaping Annually

While plants and landscaping are not covered by your new home warranty, you must ensure that conditions and any changes you make to your landscaping do not cause damage to your home.

Plants growing directly adjacent to or in contact with the building exterior can reduce the drying potential of the exterior cladding and increase the likelihood of problems. Keep plants and shrubs away from exterior walls.

The finished grade of your lot was sloped to allow water to drain away from your home. You must maintain a positive grading of the yard in any way that permits water to be directed away from the foundation of your house or outbuildings. If there is settling around the foundation or below decks you may have to add extra soil.

Clear leaves, direct and debris away from your house.

Check the operation of sprinkler systems to ensure they are not directing water against the outside of the house.

Monitor conditions during heavy rain to ensure water drains away from the house and foundation.

Do not pile snow against the side of the home.

Doors Semi‐Annually
Spring and Fall

Doors should be checked in order to assess the hardware and the perimeter seals. Poorly operating mechanisms or weather‐stripping should be repaired or replaced.

Ensure the weather strip is intact and seals properly, that the door is not warped, check the finish for paint or stains and check the caulking around the door frame and near the door sill.

Check to ensure the doors are not delaminating or splitting.

Walls Monthly

Investigate any staining or moisture on the drywall side of exterior walls.
Note the weather conditions when the moisture appears.

Windows Semi‐Annually
Spring and Fall

Check for condensation between the panes of sealed glazed units.If there is condensation the seal has failed and the window should be replaced.

Homeowners should replace any weather stripping, seals or hardware that are damaged or inoperable. Weep holes at the bottom of the windows should be checked to ensure they are clean and free of debris.